5 Fashion Items to Complete Your “While You Were Sleeping” Suzy Look

Suzy is back as a journalist with the ability to predict the future (through her dreams!) in the fantasy romance, While You Were Sleeping.

Suzy, once an ambitious journalist with a fulfilling career, is now taking a long hiatus after dreaming that she will be murdered on her job as a reporter. She possesses a special power to predict the future through her dreams, so the chances of her nightmare coming true is … PRETTY HIGH. Also – because really, no job is worth you getting killed over.

Starring opposite Suzy is the protagonist, Lee Jong-Suk — the idealistic and charming prosecutor who also has a special “I see the future in my dreams” ability that enables him to anticipate when Suzy will in danger.  (her knight in shining armor!)

Will Lee Jong-Suk save Suzy in time, so she can live out her dreams? Not sure, but in the meantime let’s go over Suzy’s fashion! 😉

5 Items to Complete Your While You Were Sleeping Suzy Look

1. White Canvas Sneakers

Because nothing SCREAMS innocence more so than these white canvas sneakers. Don’t have a pair? Buy one! No K-drama man will ever come find you unless you’re wearing white sneakers! They’re EVERYWHERE inKk-drama these days.

2. Pink Trench Coat or Jacket

Any semi-oversized trench coats are IN, and if they’re soft pink, even better.

3. One Piece Knit Dresses

SJYP’s 3/4 one piece! Loved by Korean celebrities, SJYP is perhaps the most popular (and commonly sponsored) brands in K-dramas

4. Hoodie

Not sure how many times exactly, but if you’ve already watched the kiss scene (yes, that one in the rain with the perfect OST playing in the background!) you’ll definitely think this dark teal hoodie is a steal. 😀

5. Striped, Oversized Shirts

Seriously nothing is sexier than an oversized, striped shirt that hangs loosely around your silhouette. It leaves so much to the imagination. Subtle, but confident and sexy. It’s my fave!

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