5 Beauty Items to Recreate Jun Ji-Hyun’s LBS Mermaid Skin

Korean beauty insiders call it “방부제 미모” (Bang-bu-jeh Mi-mo; directly translated as “Antiseptic Beauty”), which basically refers to people who seemingly (for reasons we all wish to know!) have not aged since their youthful 20s.  The Legend of the Blue Sea star, Jun Jin-Hyun, is no exception – at age 35 and after delivering her first child – this mermaid beauty is looking more fabulous than she did in her 20s.

It’s part genetics (lucky souls, you!), but also largely due to the skincare routine that has put Korean skincare on the map for all beauty enthusiasts.

Check out these 5 beauty items for Jun Ji-Hyun’s dewey mermaid look!

1. Infuse with Toner & Essence from HERA


Jun Ji-Hyun, the model for Korea’s HERA cosmetics, is a huge fan of the brand’s Cell Essence formula, which is also my personal favorite toner.

2. Fight Aging with Oil Serum Magic Formula


Oil serum is especially great if you have dry skin and/or if you live in dry, cold regions.  It provides extra “dewiness” when applied under foundation.  However, if you have naturally oily skin, it’s important to apply oil-free foundation or oil-free BB Cream with the serum.

3. Enhance Your Natural Glow with UV Mist Cushion Foundation


Everyone needs a little coverage – give your skin a boost with a natural coverage from this moisturizing cushion foundation.  Jun Ji-Hyun’s color is the C-21 (Vanilla).

4. Splash a Little Color with Rouge Holic & Protect with Sensual Lip Glow



Jun Ji-Hyun’s mermaid lips were created with Rouge Holic’s Supreme Pink! The Sensual Lip Glow not only protects your lips, but gives it a natural glow.  Jun Ji-Hyun uses “Love Blossom” in Legend of the Blue Sea.

Try out these 5 “must have” beauty items to recreate Jun Ji-Hyun’s glowy, dewey mermaid look! If you have other suggestions on how to recreate this look, feel free to leave a tip or two for our readers in the comment section below.

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