Another Miss Oh Hae Young Fashion : Going Bananas for Banana T-shirt

We’re still laughing out loud from watching Seo Hyun-Jin performing her crazy tango (?) dance as Oh Hae Young in the new TVN drama series, Another Miss Oh, Episode 2.

oh hae young banana 2
TVN Another Miss Oh EP 2

Still not fully recovered from the bad break up with her ex-fiance, Oh Hae Young is spending her nights (and days) pretty much hungover (she’s been drinking like 2 bottles of soju every day) and acting crazy in front of her parents.

oh hae young banana1
TVN Another Miss Oh EP 2

We hope our parents never looked at us like this. Then again, we haven’t tried randomly pulling a tango in front of our parents in the middle of the night. At least not yet.

TVN Another Miss Oh EP2
TVN Another Miss Oh EP2

Perhaps not the “best” model for this otherwise INSANELY cute t-shirt, Oh Hae Young is still very loveable in our eyes, and Seo Hyun-Jin’s superb acting really brings this character to life.

banana tshirt

This Pixel Banana T-shirt is designed by P/A by Paul & Alice. It’s available for $70.

Here’s a close up of the T-shirt in PINK.

banana pink

Let’s hope that she’ll recover by next week so that she won’t look so bananas in her Banana T-shirt anymore. We hope you’re enjoying the show!


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