Chae Jung-An’s Entertainer Fashion Must Haves

Chae Jung-An has always been a fashionista, but it seems her style in Entertainer, opposite Hyeri and Ji Sung, has wowed even her most loyal fans.

We’ve compiled some of her most memorable fashion moments from Entertainer thus far.

chae jung an soonsu1

Check out this blue oversized shirt with stitched ribbon cuffs! The cuffs are detachable as well. If you have to choose one office shirt for this season, definitely make it this one!! That is, if you want to be as elegant and modern-chic as Chae Jung-An.

chae jung an soonsu shirt

It’s the only fashion that Darth Vader himself would approve of!! This lovely blue shirt is available from a Korean brand called Soonsu (meaning Innocence in English) at W Concept for $ 219


Lucky Chouette is also a favorite for both Hyeri and Chae Jung-An in Entertainer, including this lovely beige blouse. (It also comes in black!)

chae jung an lucky chouette blush blouselucky chouette beige blouse up closelucky chouette beige blouse

If you are into the off shoulder trend for this season, check out Lucky Chouette for this beautiful off shoulder blouse.

lucky chouette off shoulder

chae jung an lucky chouette blue and white shirt

Here’s another blouse from Lucky Chouette! You may safely assume that most shirts and/or blouses from this drama series is from Lucky Chouette.

chae jung an lucky chouette silk white blouse

This black short sleeved DKNY Jumpsuit in black is available for $482 at Farfetch

chae jung an dkny jumpsuitchae jung an dkny black jumperdkny jumpsuit

And the highlight of this week’s Chae Jung-An’s fashion post is none other than this coveted military style jean jacket from Claudie Pierlot!!!

chae jung an jean jacket

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.32.41 PM

vic jacket

Be your own kind of beautiful,


  1. Thank you so much for posting these clothes from The Entertainer! As I was watching the show, Chae Jung-an’s clothes were what I was looking forward to seeing, more than the story line itself!

    I have been able to purchase some of the items from online stores you mentioned. There was one more outfit that I was really curious about in episode 12 where she wears a black “Cool Don’t Worry” bomber jacket and long black skirt with a yellow band trim at the bottom. Do you know who makes that jacket and long skirt? (She wears them in the scene where she is comforting the crying little kid and the crying guitarist dad after the ex-girlfriend comes back to tell him she is getting married)

    Also, were you able to find out if there is an online website we could buy Voice of Voices clothing line that ships internationally?

    Thank you so very much!


    1. Hey Monica,

      Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to locate anything yet for VoV.. 🙁
      I have, however, been able to grab those shirts with oversized cuffs (from Recto) at an online store called W Concept.
      They carry a lot of the brands that Chae Jung-An wears in Entertainer.

      Her bomber jacket is by a Korean brand called G-Cut. (Will be difficult to find outside of Korea unless someone is reselling it on eBay, which is the case for Park Shin Hye’s G-cut jacket.)
      The skirt is by Steve J & Yoni P (yet another Korean brand!). W Concept, Net a Porter, and couple other sites should carry Steve J.

      Good luck!

  2. Chan Hee’s mom which is the other girl 5th to last photo, the one who’s wearing blue. Do you know what heels she’s wearing? They look so nice, I am desperate to know.

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