Closet Insider: Dress Up with Girls Generation Tiffany

Girls Generation Tiffany showcased many of her favorite items directly from her personal closet! Tiffany, who is releasing her solo album, “I Just Wanna Dance”, was a guest on a new K-Star show called “Real & Stylish” or “Reform”.  Tiffany also provided some awesome designer tips for S/S 2016 as well.

tiffany tory burch

Right from the start, Tiffany wowed the guests and the 3 MCs with this gorgeous off the shoulder from TORY BURCH. This is the same two piece item that we featured with Han Hyo Joo in a previous post!

tiffany tory burch 2

Far Fetch is now selling this off the shoulder embroidered shirt for $288.


Shall we go check out Tiffany’s closet?

tiffany closet full

This is the two piece item that Tiffany wore to the Seoul Fashion Week.  This “Serenity” color (milky light blue) is expected to be a hit this S/S 2016!

tiffany serenity

Check out this clubber’s dreamy  Halter Neck Bra Top  – available at $151


This cute patent leather mini skirt is now on sale for $381 at WConcept. I can picture it glowing in the dark already.


Tiffany featured this flower embroidered black dress that she wore at the Victoria Beckham event as well.

tiffany beckahm

Here’s lovely Tiffany with stylish Victoria at the fashion show. Could we say this is an official moment for Spice Girls meets Girls Generation?


Tiffany also introduced some of her most prized denim on the show, as she explained that denim overalls with wide legs or flares are in style for this Summer!

tiffany overalls

Searching for overalls, we found this is lightly faded piece designed by Ulla Johnson . We chose these to feature for the post because we LOVE how sexy and comfortable this item looks. The ribbon tie in the front brings out a girlish charm to the look while the two large pockets give us room to be comfortable.


The criss cross back makes it stunningly sexy – if you dare, wear it with a bra or, as Tiffany did with her overalls, you can always wear it with a tank top or a T-shirt. Available at Elizabeth Charles Online.


Tiffany is also known to “layer” her bags when she travels. She likes to keep her makeup separate in smaller, more accessible bags.

tiffany makeup bag

This Alice pattern trunk bag by High Cheeks has been so popular lately that it’s become a rare find online! Imagine putting your BB’s and lipsticks in this cute bag for traveling.

high cheeks

The other mini bag that’s loved by all Korean stars nowadays, including Tiffany, is this FENDI Micro Peekaboo makeup bag 2

Colors currently available include Black ,Emerald Green+SoftIrisMagenta +Palladium, Neon BlueTurquoise, and it’s available at Nordstrom for $1,550. I suppose we can’t expect the industry to price items by size….


Be your own kind of beautiful,


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