Concept Korea Designs Hallyu Wave’s K-Fashion

Hallyu Wave is bringing K-fashion to New York.  The NY Fashion Week showcased “Concept Korea” for S/S 2017, with notable Korean designers such as Yohanix, KimmyJ, and Greedilous.


Hallyu Wave commonly refers to the spread and popularity of popular Korean culture, including Kpop, Korean dramas, and Korean beauty products. Now, South Korea aims to continue its Hallyu influence by including Korean fashion to its reach.

Kpop and Kdrama Fashion Collection

With the rising popularity of Kpop and K-drama worldwide, it’s no wonder that consumers and businesses alike have developed a keen interest in the fashion buzz of Seoul.

“Korea’s fashion-forward culture has led to the country’s recognition as a burgeoning style hub and trendsetter. South Korea is often a predictor of what fashion trends eventually emerge in America and Europe. For example, Seoulites were flaunting chokers more than a year before the ’90s trend resurfaced in the U.S.”

Hollywood Reporter

Of the three brands featured in this year’s Concept Korea, Yohanix is especially popular in the United States, with their 2016 California line, featuring casual west coast style hoodies and pullovers for both men and women.

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