Descendants of the Sun Song Hye-Kyo Necklace

Descendants of the Sun Song Hye-Kyo J.Estina Necklace! 

Song Hye-Kyo necklace from Descendants of the Sun is a MUST HAVE item for Seoul girls this season. This J.Estina necklace is sure to be on the wish list for many Descendants of the Sun  fans, and of course for the fans of Kang Mo Yeon Fashion ! This coveted necklace from J.Estina was spotted on Episode 13 when Song Joong-Ki suprised Song Hye-Kyo with this gift during a date.

What could be in this purple box?

Descendants of the Sun Song Hye-Kyo necklace
KBS Descendants of the Sun Episode 13 Capture

It’s a start shaped necklace from J.Estina! Now it’s easily referred to as the Song Hye-Kyo necklace, of course.  Here’s a close up from the J.Estina product page.

Descendants of the Sun Song Hye-Kyo necklace
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Song Hye-Kyo, as many of you might know already, is the official model for J.Estina.

Descendants of the Sun Song Hye-Kyo necklace
J.Estina Model, Song Hye Kyo

[S$227.10][J.ESTINA][Jeiesuchina] Luce Helio necklace (JNSWD142-M544TR)


If you’re not in Korea or surrounding Asian countries, the best way you can grab a J.Estina Luce Helio Necklace online will likely be on eBay.

  1. Hi! How much it cost if converted to philippine peso plus the shipping fee? And when will you have the silver stock on the descendants of the sun necklace? Thanks!

  2. How about the brown leather watch used by song hye kyo when she was trying to listen through the door using a stethoscope?

  3. I would take whatever is in that box if Yoo Si Jin gave it to me, but I guess this Luce Helio necklace is gorgeous. I saw Song Hye-Kyo wearing it throughout episode 15 and 16. Did everyone finish the drama??!!??

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