Descendants of the Sun vs Doctors: Best in Plaid Fashion

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So what does Song Hye-Kyo and Park Shin-Hye have in common? They are both fashionable surgeons from Korean TV’s hottest dramas of 2016.

 Who wore it better? Don’t forget to vote for your favorite K-drama Surgeon BELOW!

We have yet to see the ambitious line of shows for the final quarter of 2016, but we can safely assume that Song Hye-Kyo’s Descendants of the Sun and Park Shin-Hye’s Doctors, will lead the way as the most popular shows of 2016.

And fashionistas think alike! We created a collection of some of the most fashionable “plaid” (not plain) moments that have inspired us to go American “plaid” for this Fall.

Descendants of the Sun Song Hye-Kyo Plaid Fashion (RAILS)

song hye kyo plaid white and blue

No one was lovelier than Kang Mo Yeon in this RAILS hunter plaid shirt. So one vote for Song Hye-Kyo here!

song hye kyo rails hunter black and white

song hye kyo plaid red and white

Doctors Park Shin-Hye’s Plaid Fashion (American Eagle Outfitters)

park shin hye plaid think blue white line

park shin hye plaid black and yellow

But who could forget the gorgeous Park Shin-Hye in this American Eagle Outfitters shirt?

park shin hye blue and white plaid

Fashion Face Off: Song Hye-Kyo vs. Park Shin Hye! Both have great fashion, but whose is best? Cast your vote for Kang Mo Yeon or Yoo Hye Jung!

Shopping for the DOTS & Doctors look? Check out these fabulous Rails and American Eagle Outfitters shirts for this fall!

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  1. Sorry, @rachel – I was watching Park Bo Gum’s Moonlight lol … Didn’t realize Song Hye-Kyo would win so overwhelmingly. Maybe Park Shin-Hye just didn’t wear enough plaids??

  2. Hi annyeonghaseyo both song joong ki and song hye kyo im from philippines.. I really really like and love both of you i wish u can visit philippines for all of your fans wishing to see personal both you.

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