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The Descendants of the Sun Special aired on KBS this week with an epic recount of Yoo Si Jin and Kang Mo Yeon’s love story.  This melodrama / action series ended with more than 40% viewer rating in S. Korea and Song Joong-Ki’s popularity since then has been coined as a Song Joong-Ki “Syndrome” in Asia.

1sr meet

With their first encounter in Episode 1, Yoo Si Jin quickly becomes a heart throb with his humorous, witty lines while Kang Mo Yeon become the girl that every girl wants to be.

meet again

Set in a make-believe land of Uruk (it was actually filmed in rural parts of Korea and Greece), Descendants of the Sun portrayed the lives and the passions of those who readily volunteer to sacrifice their own lives for that of a greater cause.

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It showed courage under extreme situations and circumstances, including a powerful earthquake that destroyed not only buildings and monuments, but precious human lives.

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And in the midst of such disasters, Special Arms Forces Captain Yoo Si Jin and Surgeon Kang Mo Yeon find love in each other’s passion for saving lives and helping others.


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Episodes 10 and 11 were filled with some of our favorite moments of the Song Song couple as they became closer as comrades and lovers.

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It was never a walk in the park for this couple, and Yoo Si Jin has a close encounter with death not just once, but TWICE in the series, but in the end, the writers gave us the happy ending we, fans, have been waiting for.



After reuniting with each other in the dessert, the Song Song couple move forward with their lives and their careers, and promise each other that they’d one day return to Uruk.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 1.44.19 PMlast epilast kiss

They are back on the old, abandoned ghost ship as they reminisce on how they first met and all the trials they overcame to make this moment a reality.

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Special close-up of Song Joong-Ki on this happy occasion.  We can’t wait until his next work is released!

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