Descendants of the Sun x Kakao Talk Yoo Si Jin Emoticons

Kakao Talk and Descendants of the Sun are doing a collaboration by bringing Yoo Si Jin or Song Joong-Ki Emoticons to the popular Kakao Messaging App!


Fans can download these Emoticons for $3 on their Kakao Talk Apps. It will be available for limited time only, until July 13, 2016.  Kakao Talk is available through iTunes or Google Play.

Kakao Talk Descendants of the Sun

Kakao Talk x Descendants of the Sun Emoticons include best lines from the popular drama, including Yoo Si Jin’s favorite lines from the series. Send a Yoo Si Jin or two to your friends today and see if they respond back as Kang Mo Yeon !

Kakao Talk Descendants of the Sun

And can someone please just random text me this emoticon every morning? Thanks.

song joong ki kakao talk

It’s Song Joong-Ki saying, “Hello, Pretty?!”

Yes? Did you call me?! 


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