Doctors Park Shin-Hye Fashion: Dance and Kiss in the Rain

As SBS Doctors continue to soar in its ratings, Park Shin-Hye’s fashion is becoming increasingly more popular amongst k-drama fans worldwide.  Today, we’re covering Hye Jung’s fashion from the iconic “dancing and kissing in the rain” scene from Episode 6.

It’s true that love knows no boundaries.  Despite being 13 years apart (and despite the age difference), Hye Jung and Ji Hong are undeniably attracted to each other.  And it’s also true that Park Shin-Hye’s beauty knows no boundaries. We love everything about her as Hye Jung in this show!

park shin hye doctors episode 6

Park Shin-Hye could not have been any more doctor chic than she was on this night!

kim rae won and park shin hye episode 6

From her lovely Jill Stuart blouse to her casual yet elegant True Religion jeans, Hye Jung sure looks like she’s ready to dance in the rain.

park shin hye and kim rae won rain scene

jill stuart

This gorgeous silk floral “Ada” Blouse was designed by Jill Stuart.

true religion beccatrue religion becca bootcut

Hye-Jung’s sexy, dark-denim bootcut jeans are by True Religion!

park shin hye and kim rae won telephone scene

Most, if not all of Park Shin-Hye’s bag in the series, including the one that’s sitting in the red telephone booth, is designed by Bruno Magli.

park shin hye and kim rae won doctors dancing

And this bag is about to witness the highlight of episode 6: the KISS !! I suspect that very few of us expected this to happen so early on in the series, and Ji Hong is more daring than we had ever imagined! Does this signal a full-on romance between Hye Jung and Ji Hong?

telephone kiss scene doctors

We’ll be back later this week with more Park Shin-Hye fashion from Doctors!

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