Doctors Park Shin-Hye Fashion: Floral Blouses for Fall

If you want ideas for this fall’s hottest trends, check out TV’s most fashionable surgeon, Park Shin-Hye from Doctors.  Her luxury fashion items are quite the controversy in Seoul, with critics claiming that no surgery fellow could ever afford the mighty list of high-end brand names that embellish her white jacket.  But hey, rentals anyone? Who ever said Hye Jung had to actually own any of these items? Besides, why rule out the possibilities?

Lets jump right in for major fall fashion inspiration (rental or owned) from TV’s hottest fashionista.

Think silk and floral, and you can’t go wrong at work this coming season! Silk floral blouses and dresses are, hands down, Park Shin-Hye’s most beloved items for Doctors.

park shin hye stella mccartney

This yellow printed floral silk blouse is by Stella McCartney.

park shin hye black see through dress

This one piece is by TIME, a Korean brand.

park shin hye time one piece

Other floral prints in Park Shin-Hye’s closet have included Jill Stuart, Dolce and Gabbana, and Zadig & Voltaire.

park shin hye fashion blouse from episode 6

Star Snap -- Park Shin-hye -- and Doctors cast having fun on set 2

park shin hye fashion back hug blouse outfit

This fan favorite – the Zadig & Voltaire’s Chai Floral Blouse during the famous “back-hug” scene is available as a blouse, skirt, and a one-piece tunic dress. Regardless of where you work, these floral blouses will surely glam up the office this fall.

What are some of your most beloved Park Shin-Hye fashion moments in Doctors? Be sure to share your favorite style with our readers!

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