Best Korean Skincare Products: Kim Hee-Sun DongInBi Red Ginseng Ultimate Oil Review

TOP Korean Beauty Products are always on our radar, and we’re reviewing the popular Red Ginseng Skincare line.

Donginbi Red Ginseng Skincare Set

Donginbi Red Ginseng Ultimate Oil is one of Korean Celebrities’ most beloved essence oils in the Korean market today. With Kim Hee-Sun as its model, Cheong Kwan Jang launched their Donginbi brand a few years ago by promoting the fact that their skincare line is created from 6-year old Korean ginseng.

Kim Hee Sun for Donginbi
Kim Hee Sun for Donginbi

There has been numerous research into the skincare benefits of Korean Red Ginseng over the past few years. “Ginseng is most often included as an anti-aging ingredient in facial moisturizers. Several medical studies have shown its effectiveness in fighting wrinkles due to ginseng’s ability to boost skin-firming collagen. The herb also acts as a whitener, giving the skin a brighter and more youthful appearance.” (

Korean Red Ginseng
Korean Red Ginseng

This is the Donginbi Red Ginseng Ultimate Oil that I use at home.  Although a bit on the pricier side, I love the rich texture of this facial oil on my dry skin. It smells great, too, with just a hint of red ginseng, which provides a therapeutic feeling – almost like being at a spa. I use 2-3 drops of this oil on my skin every night.

Donginbi Red Ginseng Ultimate Oil

Inside the Cheong Kwan Jang Spa in Korea, where they use Donginbi  products for skincare services.

Cheong Kwan Jang spa inside

According to Korean Magazine Wedding 21, it takes 10 Red Ginseng Roots to produce 1 drop of Donginbi Red Ginseng Oil!

therapist's choice donginbi red ginseng ultimate oil

The Donginbi skincare line, which is considered a luxury brand in Korea, is also an incredibly popular gift item on Korean Lunar New Year, or Seol. Gift sets of Donginbi products can run anywhere between $80 to $120.

Donginbi skincare set

Donginbi Red Ginseng Face Moisturizer Emulsion and Deep Moisturizing Softner are often included in the gift set with the famous Red Ginseng Ultimate Oil.

Kim Hee-Sun posing for Donginbi Skincare
Kim Hee-Sun for Donginbi

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  1. Since seeing Kim Hee Sun ‘s beautiful glow face, I really wanted to try and been hunting around about this products but too bad, it isn’t available in my country yet.

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