Entertainer Hyeri’s Cleansing Solution: Happy Bath

It’s an exciting time for Girls Day Hyeri these days. With her role opposite Ji Sung in Entertainer and as the face of Happy Bath’s new line of cleansing foam (remember that make up ends and begins with cleansing!), Hyeri seems to have it all.

The importance of cleansing is perhaps the most important step in skincare and makeup. People often mistakenly believe that “putting on” makeup is the most important part of their beauty routine, but it’s actually the “wiping off” step in makeup that’s critical to maintaining a youthful glow.

Hyeri Happy Bath Foam

Here’s a capture from Happy Bath’s new Soap Berry CF with our Hyeri looking cuter and more cheerful than ever!  Who wouldn’t want to have Hyeri’s supple, clear skin?

Hyeri Happy Bath Wash FaceAs much as we love makeup and all its magic, we have to give our skin some room to breathe. Furthermore, there’s nothing more detrimental to the skin than putting on more layers of makeup and/or skincare products on skin that hasn’t been properly cleaned.

Korean celebrities are famous for taking extra steps to cleansing their skin- from oil cleansing, foam cleansing, exfoliating, and more, there are numerous steps that they take in ensuring that their skins are crystal clear ready for the next day.

Happy Bath Soap Berry Moisture Magic Foam

Happy Bath’s Soapberry Moisture Magic Foam promises to gently cleanse your skin without the feeling of tightness and dryness that may be caused by repeated cleansing.

Happy Bath Soap Berry

Check out Hyeri’s CF!

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