Geu-Rin Hyeri’s Jacket: Ddanddara Entertainer Episode 3

In Episode 3 of Ddanddara or Entertainer, we spotted Geu-Rin (portrayed by Hyeri) wearing a suede cropped jacket, layered with a loose-fit white blouse and a simple black t-shirt. (And we just adore her layered look here!) The jacket is designed and sold by Mischief (MSCHF), a Korean hip-hop / pop-culture clothing brand that’s incredibly popular with the younger Korean generation.

hyeri red jacket 2
SBS Entertainer Ep 3

Mischief is well known in Seoul for its urban hip styles – and Hyeri, of course, could not be more hipster in this drama than she already is. Did you see her rock that badass Allsaints biker jacket in Episode 2?

hyeri red jacket
SBS Entertainer Ep 3

Here’s a close up of the Mischief “Trucker Jacket in Brown Suede”.

mischief jacket
Mischief Korea

Mischief is considered a younger blogger’s favorite style for selfies and reviews in Seoul, especially due to the fact that the brand is well known for its fitted, crop T-shirts and hip mini skirts that accentuate the body.

I shall make it a personal goal to wear Mischief by the end of this Summer!! (by avoiding the yellow sign calling to me from In and Out at all cost…)

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