Goblin Fashion: Gong Yoo in this Beautiful Life

Happy New Year, Sweetnara readers! 새해 복 많이 받으세요~!!

2017 is off to a wonderful start! Sometimes, life can be very, very beautiful. (Beautiful Life~~ la la la la, Oh beautiful Life~ la la la la) And yes, as if I couldn’t get any luckier this year, two of my all time favorite actors, Gong Yoo (kyaaaaaa!) and Lee Dong-Wook (blushing) are starring in the same drama – Goblin on TVN! And to make things even more magical, the script is written by Kim Eun0-Sook, the writer of Descendants of the Sun.

Every Friday and Saturday morning, my living room is graced with this beautiful being: As Kim Shin, a general cursed to immortality as Goblin, Gong Yoo is a 900+ old god who not only has special powers (including the ability to fly,teleport, stop time, and predict the future), but is the head of one of the wealthiest conglomerates in Korea. (aka. Our Ideal Man)

In real life, Gong Yoo is the main model for Epigram’s Winter 2016/17.  Epigram(bySeries) is a Korean brand, specializing in casual male clothing line, and you’ll find that a lot of Gong Yoo’s fashion from Goblin can be seen in his recent Epigram photos. Here’s our 10 favorite fashion moments from Gong Yoo. Enjoy!

Our Top 10 Gong Yoo Photoshoot Moments:











We’ll be back with more Goblin fashion soon! Check out Epigram for more Gong Yoo inspired looks.

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