Goblin Fashion: That Winter with Gong Yoo

We’re back with more Gong Yoo fashion from Goblin, and we’re going on a snowy expedition to discover all the winter fashion from this show!  Gong Yoo was the model explorer for Discovery Expedition’s 2016/17 Winter line, and you can spot him and the cast of Goblin in Discovery’s stylish puffer jackets.

When Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) rescues Eun Tak (Kim Go-Eun) from freezing to death in the ski resort, they are both seen wearing these down jackets from Discovery Expedition. The jackets are clearly unisex – so, who wore it better, Kim Go-Eun or Gong Yoo? 😀

Regardless of who you think rocked that jacket better, we all agree that they make a mighty adorable couple, don’t we? Despite the challenges that lie ahead for these fated lovers, I’m hoping that they get to spend many more winters together like this.

To cure your midweek blues, we’ve compiled some of our most beloved photos from Gong Yoo’s recent Discovery photoshoot.  Winter isn’t so cold, after all.

Happy Gong Yoo exploring on Sweetnara! Feel free to share your comments and more links to Gong Yoo expeditions below.

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