HERA Bio Cell Essence Review- Jun Ji-Hyun Essence CELL Bio Fluid Sync

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We’re reviewing the new, upgraded 2016 HERA Cell Essence today,  and who better to market its cell defining and moisture infusing qualities other than Jun Ji-Hyun?

from HERA.CO.KR HERA  explains that “As we age, we experience a number of skin problems including dry, tight and rough skin with a gradual build up of dead skin cells. HERA carried out research on 129 Korean women and defined the core of these problems as Skin Desertification™. HERA CELL ESSENCE is a functional essence that prevents Skin Desertification while delivering moisture deep inside to leave skin clean, clear and flawless

Here’s my pre-2016 version, which I’ve been using religiously. I’m waiting for the upgraded bottle to arrive!IMG_5389


HERA Cell Essence Cell-Bio Fluid Sync also comes with a 30-day worth of double sided cotton pads! (Love!)

The WAVE Pattern for a Gentle Sweep
The MESH Pattern to help remove dust/oil, etc.

The MESH Pattern is used in helping remove dust and dead skin cells while the WAVE Pattern is used for a gentle, softer sweep.  Crowned as one of South Korea’s best skincare regimen, HERA boasts a loyal following from women in their late 20’s and 30’s.  


HERA Cell Essence Cell-Bio Fluid Sync bottle comes with a convenient measuring sign (dots!!), with each increment being 5 ml. HERA Cell Essence recommends that you use 2.5 ml in the morning and at night, totaling 5 ml per day.

And here’s the HERA Makeup and Skincare CF ( commercial film / ad ) with Jun Ji-Hyun in Seoul, South Korea!


If you are dealing with dry and bumpy skin, I highly recommend the HERA Cell Essence  for its instant smoothing effects. It truly is one of the best, if not the most often recommended Toners from Korean Skincare product lines.   Not only is this essence one of my all-time favorites in the category of must-have toner/essence, I think it trumps over the SK-II toner on many different levels, including price.

TIP: Store your essence in your refrigerator in the summer.  Soak your cotton pads with the essence, then leave on your cheeks for 5-10 minutes.  Not only does it give you a much needed moisturizing effect,  it helps to tighten your pores and assists in ensuring that your makeup glides with that dewy, porcelain effect.  


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