Hwayugi Is Lee Seung Gi’s Sexiest K-Drama Yet

Lee Seung-Gi’s comeback drama, Hwayugi or The Korean Odyssey, just broke cable TV ratings by delivering tVN’s highest rating for any first episode, beating out tVN mega-hits like Gong Yoo’s Goblin and Reply 1988.

In this fantasy-romance, Lee Seung Gi is sexier than ever as a bad-boy Son Oh Gong – the “monkey king” character from Journey to the West, a popular Chinese fairy tale.

*spoiler alert!!!*

This Korean cable TV interpretation, of course, is sexier and bolder, with Son Oh Gong confessing to Jin Sun Mi, played by Oh Yeon Seo, that he came in the night “to eat her”. (with a sexy, possessive smile on his face!)

(Photo Credit / Screen Capture – tVN) When Lee Seung Gi realizes that Oh Yeon Seo is “Sam Jang” or the “Lotus Flower” which he must “eat” to become the most powerful demon

I was shocked at how thick the sexual innuendos were in episode one – especially with the set up of Jin Sun Mi (Oh Yeon Seo) as the lotus flower (or some type of a holy grail) that the demons could “eat” to become the most powerful demon.  Amongst these demons is Son Oh Gong, who is obviously drawn to her by the smell of her blood and cannot resist the idea of “eating” her to become the most powerful demon in the realm. (Twilight, anyone?)

“Eating” of course can easily mean love or sex – Son Oh Gong will probably find out that it’s not eating her in the literal sense but consummating their love which will grant him the power that he needs.

Hwayugi - Sweet Nara Review
(Photo Credit / Screen Capture – tVN) Lee Seung Gi and Oh Yeon Seo meet again after 25 years

It reminded me of the Japanese shoujo manga, Black Bird, in which the heroine must sacrifice herself (or give herself to the yokai/demon in an act of sex) in order to grant him the power he needs to protect their worlds.

But unlike the typical shoujo manga heroines, Jin Sun Mi is smarter (wiser in the cruel ways of the world), generally more kick-ass, and stronger – I doubt that Son Oh Gong will have an easy time seducing her into his bed. And we’ll be there to watch if and how he succeeds, every step of the way!

Hwayugi - Sweet Nara Review
(Photo Credit / Screen Capture – tVN) Ending credit scene hints that there will be a fight or a power struggle between the two male leads to “eat” Jin Sun Mi
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