Hyeri Fashion from The Entertainer Episode 1 and Ceci Cover

Hyeri from Girl’s Day was glammed up for the cover of Ceci, just in time for the release of her new drama, The Entertainer, (or  Ddanddara)  in which she stars next to actor, Ji Sung.

hyeri ceci cover
From Ceci Magazine

Our favorite, Hyeri’s casual overall denim dress, as well as most of her outfit on this Ceci spread are provided by 2nd Floor.

hyeri 2nd floor 5
From Ceci Magazine

We adore this bohemian dress from 2nd Floor. It would have been perfect for Coachella!

hyeri 2nd floor
From Ceci Magazine

Her cute pink crossover bag is by PLAYNOMORE.

hyeri 2nd floor4
From Ceci Magazine

Anyone care to go to Trader Joe’s like this?

hyeri 2ndfloor 2
From Ceci Magazine

In the new drama, the Entertainer, Hyeri plays Geu-Rin, a hard-working, girl next door who later dreams of becoming a manager for her brother, Haneul, who has a natural talent for singing. (Future kpop star, perhaps?) Check out the teaser on Dramafever.

Here is Geu-Rin wearing her white TOMBOY knit cardigan in episode 1.

SBS Entertainer 딴따라
SBS Entertainer 딴따라


We leave you with Hyeri’s irresistably cute photo moment from Busan, where they are filming the Entertainer.


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