I’m Not A Robot: Chae Soo Bin Fashion

Chae Soo Bin is melting hearts as an adorable robot and Yoo Seung Ho’s love interest in the new K-drama phenomenon, I’m Not a Robot.  In the series, Yoo Seung Ho is a lonely billionaire heir with a rare disease that makes him deathly allergic to any form of human touch.

Enter Chae Soo Bin, who must pretend to be his personal robot, and Yoo Seung Ho starts developing real human emotions for his not-so-human partner, but really – she’s actually human. AND they touch. AND he doesn’t react with the normal rashes/shortness of  breath. She’s the one, the one to break the spell!!!!  You get the drift.

In I’m Not A Robot, Yoo Seung Ho takes his robot Chae Soo Bin out on a typical rich guy buys girl a lot of great stuff date 😍 (And that moment is brought to you by … Rosa.K!) This red mini tote-bag is available worldwide through W Concept.

The lovely yellow coat is by a Korean brand called It Michaa

I truly love her royal blue wool coat here by Michael Kors.  And the “Love” cross-body bag – also by Michael Kors. (Where did she get all this $$$?)

Between Hwayugi and wrapping up Temperature of Love (hopefully, I’ll get to do an extensive fashion post on Temperature of Love soon, since I absolutely LOVED the chemistry between the two leads), I find that I’m Not A Robot is a great skim-through show to check out.

Let me know what you thought of Chae Soo Bin’s style in her romantic lead role – were there other items that caught your eye? Drop us a line below!
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