Jealousy Incarnate Gong Hyo-Jin Fashion: Lovely Weather Style

Our favorite rocoqueen Gong Hyo-Jin has comeback as the lovely weather girl in Jealousy Incarnate.  Nicknamed Gong-vely for her lovely (Gong + Lovely) fashion, Gong Hyo-Jin is already trendsetting new fashion items as Pyo Na-Ri, an optimistic weather girl who once had a crush on Hwa-Shin, a seemingly perfect news anchor played by Jo Jung-Suk.

Let’s run down the list of some of her most fashionable and adorable moments thus far!

Club Monaco Stellah Dress and ILMO bucket bag

gong hyo jin emboridered dress

ilmo gray bucket bag

Carolina Herrera Floral Red Dress

gong hyo jin red carolina dress

Akro Shirt … with HOT pants!

gong hyo jin hot pants

Casual Push 2nd Button Shirt with oversized sleeves

gong hyo jin large sleeves

Push 2nd Button Pink 2-Piece Dress

gong hyo jin push2ndbutton

Recto Hot Red & White Weather Caster Fashion

gong hyo jin recto

It Michaa Office Fashion

gong hyo jin itmishaa

gong hyo jin itmichaa

Love Moschino

gong hyo jin love moschino

Don’t forget to check out these Gong-vely style items by Love Moschino!

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  1. Hello Nara. I very happy when find some item so lovely on movie in ur blog. But recently, you are so busy, right? I don’t see update in your blog. Miss U so much and hope to newest update.

  2. Hi! I didn’t understand the name of the red and white dress (Recto Hot Red & White Weather Caster Fashion). what’s the brand name? where could I find it?
    thank you!!!

  3. In episode 14 she wore a white shirt dress with a black cardigan , would you know where I can get that from? Absolutely gorge!!

  4. Do you know where she gets her sandals with the flat heels? You can see them in the button pink 2 piece dress!!! Pink or black, anything you can find similar!!! Been trying to find that style everywhere

  5. Hi, would anyone know where the gold bar earrings she wore in Ep 9. Its gorgeous and not the usual earrings brand she has been sporting in this drama. Pls help!

  6. Hi I cannot find the brand of the 5th pic(white shirt with black sleeves, ep2) do u perhaps know if there is any chance I can find it online?

  7. Do you know the coat that she wears when she leaves the studio, when the second lead guy walks behind her following her home.

    Its a patchwork or colours, anyone know where I can get from.

  8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew the brand of the minty pastel bucket bag with hot pink tassel charm that Gong Hyo Jin wore in episode 16 when she was leaving Jo Jong Seok’s apt after picking up the bra for him?

    1. Hey there,

      Have you checked out the other post for her fashion? You may be able to find the dress you’re looking for there.
      If not, feel free to let us know. Thanks! 🙂

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