Kakao x Friends is Going Global Shipping

By now, if you haven’t downloaded the Kakao Talk app and purchased at least 5 different Ryan items, you can not call yourself a true K-culture fan. Kakao Talk, like Naver’s LINE, is a messaging app that dominates the hearts and wallets of Millennials in South Korea.  Its characters, featured below, include Ryan, the lion without a mane, and a giant, pink A-Peach (it’s a peach, not a butt) that suffers from emotional issues. In short, Kakao is THE GREATEST MESSAGING APP EVER for anyone that cares about their emojis being out of this world.

Kakao x Friends items, including makeup, dolls, car seats, umbrellas, and just about anything else you can possibly NOT REALLY NEED but will buy anyways as long as it has Ryan’s face on it, have generally been available overseas (in Asia) and in Koreatown areas like NYC or LA.


That’s right. Rejoice, my friends!!! I came home to the news that Kakao x Friends is launching its GLOBAL SHIPPING offer on May 16th.

I’ll be doing my Kakao haul (there goes my credit card limit) soon and promise I’ll be back with more. @ck_sweetnara: get ready.

If you love Kakao as much as I do, feel free to share your haul with us in the comments!



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  1. I just saw this and literally went numb for a bit. Wishes do come true!! I’m seriously the happiest person in the world hahaha

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