Moonlight Drawn by Clouds: Hanbok Fashion for Chuseok

It’s Mid Autumn-Festival or Chuseok in Korea, and families are coming together to celebrate what is known as the Korean Thanksgiving Day.  Chuseok, which falls on the 15th day of the 8th month on the lunar (Chinese) calendar, is a harvest-day festival that’s celebrated in diverse cultures all across Asia.

So what are some of our two favorite things about Chuseok, besides watching two moon-related Korean shows? (This season’s hottest historical fantasy dramas both involve our planetary neighbor, the moon: Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.)

  1. Hanbok

The best thing about Chuseok, of course, is the beautiful Hanbok (traditional Korean dress) that we get to wear on this day. Hanboks are widely known as having been the staple, daily clothing for men and women during the Joseon period.


Check out Kim Yoo Jung’s mesmerizing Hanbok fashion in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds!


As seen in many Korean historical dramas, Hanboks come in bright, gorgeous colors, with a Chima (skirt) that flares out like a flute from your waist to your ankles. Here is Jung Hye Sung, who plays the role of the palace princess in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.


Also, who could ever forget the beautiful Descendants of the Sun actress, Song Hye-Kyo, in her Hanbok ? The contrast created by the lavender and golden floral embroidery on her black top is simply divine here!


Han Hyo-Joo, star of W: Two Worlds, has also been featured in various dramas and movies wearing Hanbok. As evident in these photos, Hanboks often come with colorful embroidery on the Jeogori (upper garment), usually in floral patterns and designs.


Lets take a look at one for our hottest K-Drama surgeons, Park Shin-Hye from Doctors, as she poses in her regal, empress Hanbok.


2. Songpyeon


In China, families gather to share their traditional Moon Cakes, and in Korea, families sit together to make songpyeon, traditional Korean rice cakes made from flavorful and sweet ingredients, including sesame seeds, black beans, mung beans, cinnamon, pine nut, walnut, chestnut, and honey.

 Just like Hanboks, Songpyeons come in vibrant colors and are loved by Koreans as one of their favorite type of Tteoks (Korean rice cakes).  

There is a main, distinguishing characteristic about these songpyeons that makes it very different from the Chinese Moon Cakes. Can you guess what it is? 

What are some customs celebrated in your culture and country for the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Hope everyone has an amazing, festive week this year!

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