Oh Hae Young Again Fashion: Shoes for All Break Ups

As we inch closer to the ending of Oh Hae Young Again, we’ve been thrown into an emotional roller coaster, with many fans praying for Do Kyung and Hae Young’s reconciliation. (we want to see their kids!!)  In one of the most memorable scenes from episode 13, Oh Hae Young walks into the house with blister all over her feet.

She narrates,

“If I walk around all day with uncomfortable shoes that are too small, I think of him less. Because my thoughts are always on my feet. And when I come home and finally take off the shoes, I can actually be happy, even if it’s just for a short while…”

oh hae young again tory burch shoesThis would be the equivalent of us sitting in our living rooms and eating the entire 8 pints of chocolate fudge ice cream to distract ourselves from the urge to fall into the “black hole” of break up misery: crying uncontrollably until 6 AM, then having brownies for breakfast. (hey, crying takes a lot of energy and we need that extra sugar.)

tory burch festival shoes

But no break up can ever break our spirits of admiring beautiful shoes (we have our priorities straight!), because these Tory Burch slingback sandals are simply gorgeous! (And completely sold out everywhere we looked…And yes, we’re willing to brave those blisters, if necessary!) Lyst does offer a notification alert, in case these slingbacks are ever in stock again, but for now, your best bet would be to visit the Tory Burch store.  oh hae young again embroidered tory burch shirt

Not sure if they’re trying to market Tory Burch as the comfort fashion for all women with broken hearts, but Hae Young was seen wearing this Tory Burch embroidered cotton shirt in episode 13. (Perhaps all that red embroidery represents her bleeding heart?)

This Striped Cotton Oxford Shirt from Tory Burch is available at Net-a-Porter for $495.

oh hae young again episode 13

And now onto our favorite fashion item from episode 13! This simple, yet beautiful navy Crochet-Collar Dress by Sandro.

sandro oh hae young again dress

This A-line dress with concealed front botton top is actually a very slim fit, so most sites advise that you order one size up. It’s now available at Bloomingdale’s !

oh hae young again sandro dress

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  1. Hi! Really want to know where I can Get the earrings Soo-Kyung (Ye Ji-Won) Wears in Episode 2 and 4, The first one is Triangles with a stone, big statement earrings and the other in Episode four are Shells.
    Pictures here:
    1) https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQbJQ5YaMrrsvdTKMzUA6aHPvpaaSJHJoFssNvZTA3jtu6RMl07
    2) http://i630.photobucket.com/albums/uu26/dramabeans/drama/2016/OhHaeYoungAgain/OHYA4/OHYA4-00018.jpg
    Thanks In advance. I tried a million searches.

  2. Hi, do you happen to know the brand of necklace Ye Ji Won paired with the blue shirt, in episode 15? The part where she asked Jin Sang if he could kiss her. I’ve been trying to look for it to no avail, thank you! (:

  3. Do you know the brand of the slip on shoes Hae Young wore on ep10 when DK asked her to hug him for a while. They’re are white slip on with paint slashes all over them. Many thanks if you can help.

    p/s: Love all your posts about Oh Hae Young fashion 🙂

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