Another Miss Oh Fashion: Oh Hae Young Pretty in Pink

Seo Hyun-Jin has brought to life a truly lovable “Rocoqueen” (Korean term for Queen of Romance & Comedy) with her portray of Oh Hae Young in Another Miss Oh (Oh Hae Young Again or Another Oh Hae Young). Β Oh Hae Young is especially popular amongst 30s “unnie” viewers in Korea, with many young women already claiming her as the Rocoqueen of the season.

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Oh Hae Young’s lovely fashion is no exception to the popularity, and she has caught our attention with her pink everything style for episode 3.

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TVN Another Miss Oh

This blushing pink V-neck knit sweater is from P/A Paul & Alice! Going at 78,000 WON in Korea. Check out Paul & Alice for more details!

paul and alice pink knitwear

Our favorite Oh Hae Young look thus far is this Longchamp two piece dress with the new Longchamp Le Pilage crossbody bag. The blushing pink color makes it almost perfect for our eyes. This two piece dress is definitely going on our wish list this season!

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TVN Another Miss Oh
TVN Another Miss Oh
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 7.19.11 PM
TVN Oh Hae Young Again

Check out this gorgeous color by Longchamp and the fixed belt in contrasting fabric that makes this two-piece that much more sophisticated! Β The black flaps for the skirt pockets and the black line around the hem makes it especially stunning. The white collar adds a definite feminine and lovely style to it as well.


The slightly flared skirt also adds a bit of a playful look to it as well. Β Longchamp online stores state that these items have already been sold out, but there is a phone number on their website that you can call if you’d like more information on stock/availability.

The Le Pliage Heritage Crossbody bags are available at Neiman Marcus or Bloomingdales for $650.


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  1. hey! do you know where the shoes OHY is wearing in ep.7 are? the heels with white heels and black straps on the subway?

  2. Hi this is pretty late. But I just watched episode 4 and there’s this part where Do Kyung’s older sister wears this white sweater with shiny green band aids on it. I can’t find it anywhere online so I was wondering where that is from??

  3. Do you know where the glasses Do Kyung’s sister is wearing throughout this drama are from? They look like they might be the work of Gentle Monster but I can’t find them. If you could help that would be great! Thank you!

  4. Do you know where the glasses Do Kyung’a sister is staying throughout this drama are from? They look like they might be the work of Gentle Monster but I canny find them. If you could help that would be great! Thank you!

  5. haloo sweetnara…

    im looking for pretty oh hae young shoes in ep 16 when genyang oh hae young aske about the shoes to the pretty oh hae young… can you tell me what is the brand and how about the price?

    thank ypu so much sweet naraaaaa…

  6. Hi do you know what mobile phone she has also the golden ohy and dokyung thanks. Is that Lg, can u tell me what model thanks

  7. Hai, do you know the shoes she wore when she fall from the bike ? Ep 6 if i’m not wrong.. The nude pink with the ball on top of the shoes..

    1. Hey steffi~
      My best guess would be that these are “pom pom” sandals/ mary-janes, possibly from Jill Stuart (since she was wearing a skirt from Jill Stuart in this scene). But I couldn’t locate anything that looks exactly like the pair she wore πŸ™

  8. Hi, any idea about the splashed paint loafers oh hae young wore in ep 10? The scene where do kyung ask her to give him a hug! Thanks in advance! πŸ™‚

  9. Hello! What’s the brand of all the quirky cat eye spectacles that Soo Kyung wore in this drama? Do u know?

  10. Do you know the nude shoes with tassels OHY wore in ep 5 and the grey sweatshirt she wore in ep 6 when she was in the coffee shop with her friend?

    1. Hi Kunkun,
      The beige shoes with tassles are from Camper and it’s called Bowie. The shirt is from a brand named Coiincos, and you can check out their collection at G-Market.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Sorry if i ask too much but Do you know the pink watch Hae Young wore in ep 11?( when she saw Tae Jin in front of her company) and please let me know if you know what lipstick she used too, tkanks 😘

        1. Hi Kunkun!
          Just did a post about the watch! (haha, yes we noticed that one, too :P)
          I’ll search for the lipstick and get back to you.
          In the meantime, check out the post HERE.


  11. Hi! I’m lovin do kyung’s sister black strap Accesories that ran across her neck and as bracelet! By any chance to know what brand is that ?! Thanks so much !

    1. Hi Holly,
      We weren’t able to find the specific brand for those heels yet. πŸ™
      If we do, we will let you know ASAP.

  12. hello, by any chance do you know where is Eric’s Brown coat(picture number 5) from? I really like his coat. hopefully you can help me to find that item! thank you πŸ™‚

    1. Hello Lovely Ms. Hwang,
      Those glasses are by a brand called Linda Farrow.
      We did a short post for them here

      SweetNara Team

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