Oh Hae Young Fashion : Earrings from Another Miss Oh Episode 1

Kang Mo Yeon isn’t the only Korean drama character with J.Estina earrings – Oh Hae-Young (portrayed by Seo Hyun-Jin)  in the new hit series, Another Miss Oh or Oh Hae Young Again, was spotted wearing these long, feminine J.Estina “Laconico Tiarra” Earrings.

TVN Another Miss Oh EP 1
TVN Another Miss Oh EP 1

J.Estina’s items are already well known (especially with the huge interest around Kang Mo Yeon fashion) and popular with their minimalist approach to their lovely and feminine designs.

TVN Another Miss Oh EP 1
TVN Another Miss Oh EP 1

As heartbreaking as this scene was when we found out that it wasn’t really Oh Hae Young who decided to cancel the wedding (her fiance broke it off the day before the wedding. That jerk!), we couldn’t help but notice how beautiful Seo Hyun-Jin was in this close-up!


Episode 1 generated a lot of buzz in South Korea, with “Another Miss Oh” rising to the top of Naver and Daum’s search rankings on Monday.  Critics are expecting this series to be a huge hit amongst women in their 20s and 30s who can easily identify with Oh Hae Young’s story of love and betrayal as a modern-day career woman in Seoul.

These  are available on eBAY for $199 from a Korean seller.

We’ll have to wait to see how Oh Hae Young’s life collides with Park Do-Kyung, played by Eric Mun from Shinwha, but it appears their meeting has already been written in the stars. You’ll have to watch episode 2 to find out!

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