Oh Hae Young Again Fashion: Seo Hyun Jin’s Office Look

Seo Hyun-Jin’s “Oh Hae Young” office look is becoming more and more popular these days amongst 20s and 30 something career women in Korea.

Oh Hae Young’s Silver Slingback sandals have been a hit since the show has aired, and we’ve been receiving a lot of questions on where these shoes are from!  These silver slingbacks are from SUECOMMA BONNIE

seo hyun jin shoes

silver slingback

She may be the “dirt” Oh Hae Young in the drama, but she’s definitely the “pretty” Oh Hae Young for us. Look at her adorable smile as she runs up to Eric to hug him!

oh hae young again jacket

This basic jacket and pants (perfect for any workday wardrobe) are actually from Brooks Brothers Red Fleece Collection! The Seersucker jacket is available at Brooks Brothers for $138. The pants are for $118.

oh hae young again jacket

seersucker jacket

The knit outerwear (ivory and pink below) that Oh Hae Young wears are both from a Korean brand called System.

oh hae young again knit oh hae young again knit topoh hae young again knit top

System is probably the “go-to” brand for Seo Hyun-Jin’s character in Oh Hae Young Again. She has worn the brand multiple times in just a few episodes, including this classic beige trench coat.

oh hae young again trench coat

This open sleeve shirt and the beige vest are also designed by System.

oh hae young again system shirt

oh hae young again system shirt

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  1. Hello Nara, I’m just watching for the first time. So young wore a purse when she confronted her mother outside one night. What store did that purse come from. I really loved the style.


  2. Hi Nara, could you let me know the brand name of the red dress OHY wore when saying goodbye to Han Tea Jin in the last episode? Many tks.

    1. She actually wore several different red dresses 😀 but I believe the one that everyone has been curious about is the Maje dress.

      Let me know if this isn’t the one you’re looking for.


  3. Hi Nara,

    Do you know the brand of watch that seo hyun jin wears in Ep 17? The black strip watch..

    Thanks nara!

    1. Hi Rukia~

      I saw her wearing a Marc Jacobs and a Swarovski watch, but neither one has a black strip…
      Can you tell us exactly where you see her wearing it? (timestamp on the episode if possible / description of scene)


  4. Hi, Nara
    Do you know which brand the shirt in Ep 9?
    OHY was using in the kiss scene when she fighting with DK
    I really love that shirt!

    1. Hey Skylar Tr,

      You mean that gorgeous pastel tone one, right?
      It’s by a brand called Paul & Joe. You can purchase it HERE. I’m thinking of buying it, too actually 🙂


  5. Do you which brand is the denim top wore by the pretty Oh Hae Young in ep 6 in min 50:00?
    When she checked the pictures from her old phone.
    Many thanks!

      1. Thanks so much Nara
        Do you know where to get this order online or something?
        I checked their website but no luck on finding the top itself.

        Great website and looking forwards to your post


        1. Hey Thao,
          Sorry, I couldn’t find an online shop for this.
          Can anyone else help us, please?

          Have you tried eBay? We’ll keep looking and let you know if we find a way to purchase it online. 🙂

  6. Do you know which brand the yellow cross body bag in Ep7 is from?
    OHY was using it in the scene when she was hiding with DH in the shadow.
    It looks cute.

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