Park Shin-Hye’s Mamonde Lip Tint for “Doctors”

Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint #6 is the color of choice for Park Shin-Hye who just came back to Monday and Tuesday nights as Hye Jung in “Doctors”, starring Kim Rae-Won as her love interest.

park shin hye mamonde instagram

As a Mamonde model, Park Shin-Hye recently posed with her favorite lip tint, #6 tint, Pin Spot ,on her Instagram page – as you may have heard, Mamonde is one of the product sponsors (the other is Laneige) in Doctors.

mamonde tint

The new Mamonde Highlight Lip Tint comes in 10 different shades, including Park Shin-Hye’s daily choice, Pin Spot.  It’s a much lighter variation between Orange Basket (#5) and Main Title (#7), which makes it a easy pick for day to day wear.

mamonde color chart

Formulated with flower oil, Mamonde’s lip tint can be worn as vivid, one-tone colors or as a more natural tint by using gradation techniques.  Use the edges (the two sides – see first diagram) of the applicator for a more vivid (stronger) color and the round, flat part of the tip (second diagram) for a more natural look.

lip tint tip

In order to create a heightened gradation effect, don’t forget to lightly pat your lips with some BB cream before applying the lip tint of your choice.mamonde lip tint gradation

During her Doctors premiere interview, Park Shin-Hye was photographed wearing this #7 tint, Main Title,  Perhaps to emphasize her presence as the leading lady? A very fitting choice for this main actress, indeed!

park shin hye wearing mamonde lip tint

We hope you’ll enjoy the “Doctors” premiere as much as we did, and we can’t wait to bring more fashion and beauty ideas from Park Shin-Hye’s new character, Hye Jung!

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