Random American Items in Korean Drama: Darth Vader Wearing LA Dodgers Cap

Random American products in Ddandara or Entertainer, starring Girls Day’s Hyeri and Ji-Sung, had me searching the internet for where I could buy Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper. And I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, so whatever ad or product placement happened in Episode 3, it worked on me. (I’m coming, Target!)

darth vader in ddandara entertainer
Ji-Sung .. I am NOT your faaather.

I noticed Ji-Sung’s loft-style studio since Episode 1, but the clock (?) on the right with the lamp attached it caught eye along with the Storm Trooper that’s eerily just standing there staring at Ji-Sung’s coffee machine.

star wars storm trooper in ddandara

Ddandara Episode 3 was a great episode which finally revealed that there is a tie between Ji-Sung and Hyeri’s older brother who died years ago.  We’ll have to wait to find out exactly how (and if) Ji-Sung was somehow involved.  But in the meantime, we can all enjoy a glimpse of Darth Vader wearing an LA Dodgers cap!

darth vader LA Dogers HAT
Darth Vader is a Los Angeles Dodgers fan.

There are so many ways to watch Korean dramas, and Ddandara or Entertainer, is especially entertaining for my eyes and ears. Catch you in episode 4!

Going to Target,

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