Song Hye-Kyo Hairstyle C-Curl Hair Perm : Descendants of the Sun Kang Mo Yeon Hair

Kang Mo Yeon hairstyle is now the hottest trend hair perm and hair color for 2016 Spring and Summer. Consider getting this k-beauty invention, C-Curl perm this spring! (call and ask your local hairstylist if they offer the C-Curl perm. Sure, you could use a curling iron/ straightener / blow dryer to roll your curls in every day, but trust me – it’s not worth the long term heat damage.) A must “do” for many Korean celebrities, including Yoona from Girls Generation, Descendants of the Sun Kang Mo Yeon has made this medium length C-curl the “IT” look of Seoulites for Spring, 2016.
song hye kyo c curl

Styled with Song Hye-Kyo‘s trademark see-through bangs, this Kang Mo Yeon hair style is extremely feminine and elegant.  The C Curl Perm got its name from the bouncy and soft coils at the bottom, which actually also gives you the bonus benefit of contouring your jaws. By giving your jaws a narrowing, contouring effect, it makes your face look a lot smaller. (One of the staple trends of Korean beauty nowadays!)

song hye kyo c curl2

As you can see, Kang Mo Yeon actually sports different hair colors throughout the series. She goes lighter (is it because of the sun in Uruk?) as the series goes on.

Check out this C Curl Perm Machine in Seoul.  It almost looks like having alien tentacles attached to your head, but the end results are totally worth the effort.

c curl machine-01

Our Creative Director, CK, sent us this selfie after she dyed her hair like Kang Mo Yeon.  Kang Mo Yeon’s hair color can be achieved by either Khaki or Ash brown!


Here’s K-pop star IU with her cute, short C-curls. As you can see, C-curls look great on all hair lengths.

iu c curl

And gorgeous Yoona from Girls’ Generation (SNSD) flaunting her buoyant C-curls.

snsd c curl

If you must use curling irons or straighteners, check out this TUTORIAL from a Korean hairstylist.

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