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Today we’re visiting Laneige to explore the Song Hye-Kyo “It item” Lipstick: the Two Tone Lipstick Bar promotion and event for Descendants of the Sun. Everyone is wearing Kang Mo Yeon lipstick these days. So where can we join in on the fun? As you may know, Song Hye-Kyo has been a long-time model for Amore Pacific, the company that sponsored Jun Ji Hyun’s Chun Song Yi lipstick in the drama, My Love from the Star.

laneige photoAs a Laneige model, Song Hye-Kyo’s personal favorite is the Juicy Pop Two Tone Lip Bar. There are 14 colors of Two Tone Lip Bar from Laneige, and Juicy Pop, Song Hye-Kyo’s lipstick from the Laneige promotion, is #11.  It is also my personal favorite, along with #14, Dear Pink! song hye kyo two tone lip bar lipstick

The Laneige Lipstick that Song Hye-Kyo wore in the elevator before her first date with Song Joong-Ki is believed to be Dear Pink #14 or Juicy Pop. However, it’s well known that she used multiple colors throughout the series.
laneige two tone lip barJuicy Pop certainly has one of the most eye-popping, gorgeous colors. No wonder they call it the “Song Hye-Kyo” Lipstick. Dear Pink, however, is equally gorgeous, with its feminine, deep pink color. Here’s a closeup of Juicy Pop:

song hye kyo lipstick juicy pop

Check out the 5 different lipstick colors and see how Song Hye-Kyo wore them in Descendants of the Sun:

1. Juicy Pop 

Juicy Pop is the trademark lipstick for DOTS.

juicy pop
Image Credit: Laneige Facebook

2. Milk Blurring

Milk blurring is a bright pink/orange color – it looks especially good on pale skin.

milk blurring
Image Credit: Laneige Facebook

3. Dear Pink

Dear Pink is known to look better on darker skin, but this one is my personal fave.

dear pink
Image Credit: Laneige Facebook

4. Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon is a very light, natural color – it’s great for daily makeup.

pink salmon
Image Credit: Laneige Facebook

5. Pink Step

Pink Step is the lipstick that Kang Mo Yeon wore at the hospital when she returned to Seoul.

pink step
Image Credit: Laneige Facebook

Two tone lip bar is designed to give you a healthy, natural gradient to your lips – making it lighter around the corners of your lip and adding more vibrant colors towards the middle.

Here’s how Kang Mo Yeon wore Dear Pink on episode 9. Remember, it’s the lipstick that Song Hye-Kyo was wearing when she kissed Song Joong-Kisong hye kyo red lip

Although Song Joong-Ki ended up using it to create a warning sign for the mine field …

laneige lipstick scene
KBS Descendants of the Sun

Song Joong-Ki found Song Hye-Kyo irresistibly kissable on the way home. Was it the glow of her Two Tone Lip Bar? Perhaps!

KBS Descendants of the Sun

Bonus: One of our writers, CK, was waiting for Two Tone Lip Bar to transform her into Kang Mo Yeon. Obviously didn’t work, so she took a beauty nap instead. (thanks for sharing though!) She loves the lipstick, regardless.

Nara waiting for Two Tone Lip Bar to transform her into Kang Mo Yeon :-P Obviously didn't work so she took a beauty nap instead. But love the lipstick, regardless!

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  1. Hi Girls! Did any of you try the Dear Pink? Is it better than Juicy Pop? Curious because I personally liked Dear Pink better.

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