Song Ji Hyo & Kim Jong Kook fired from Running Man


So yesterday news came out that Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook were leaving Running Man. As a big fan of running man, I was already sadden by the face Gary left at the end of October. Then I was shocked to see SJH and KJK were leaving too. That pretty much told me to stop watching RM. I enjoy the other characters but it was the 7 characters that made RM what it was to this day. That chemistry and 7 years seeing each other every week. Then I read Kang Ho Dong may come in and join. I get his history with Yoo Jae Suk but I don’t know. I think after hearing news about SJY and KJK, I was done watching RM for sure.

Now I hear SJH and KJK were forced out by SBS management. WTF?? They were basically blind sided by this and no real valid reason other than hearing that they wanted to have a “new” running man in 2017. I was actually getting mad and from what I read, a ton of other people as well. The one good news I heard is that Kang Ho Dong declined the offer to join RM in lieu of what happened to SJH and KJK. Good for him. I think a respectable thing would be for the rest of the cast to leave RM and let them try to do a whole new cast for 2017. I really want to know how the rest of the cast feels right now. I want to know how SJH and KJK feel right now. Hell, I want to know what Gary thinks of this. I wait for more news to show up.

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