Song Joong-Ki and Forencos Skincare Collaboration

Song Joong-Ki is the new face of Forencos Skincare and Makeup and we couldn’t wait to share this video with everyone! Subtitles are provided by CK. Feel free to ignore her comments, which are in parenthesis.

Starts :26 ” Hello Everyone, I’m actor, Song Joong-Ki (yes, we know oppa!). It’s truly a privilege to be collaborating with the makeup brand Forencos. I also generally have a great interest in makeup and skincare, and I hope that from now on, you will become more and more beautiful with Forencos.  I hope you will love me (oh, don’t worry about that! Seriously, no need to worry there.) and Forencos as well. Thank you!”

Forencos stands for “For Environmental Cosmetics”, and the company page explains that they take great pride in providing environmentally friendly and healthy skincare products for their customers.  As many of you may know already, Song Joong-Ki has always been known to have beautiful, clear skin, so this collaboration is no surprise to his fans in Korea.

So we’ve never tried these sheet masks before, but we ordered them anyways because the box itself just looked like it may be worth it. (Just being honest here!) The Volcanic Ash Detox Silk Mask is designed to provide a brightening and wrinkle reduction effect.

forencos sheet masks
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