SongSong Couple: Drunk Scene from Special Episode 3 and Descendants of the Sun Behind the Scenes Outtakes

Special episode 3 of Descendants of the Sun just keeps making us love the SongSong couple. This video outtake of the DOTS scene where Yoo Si-jin has to deal with a drunk Kang Mo-yeon is blowing up on social media.

Its easy to understand why. How could they not want to be together in real life when they’re this cute? Their chemistry seems to be genuine that we can’t help but wonder if they are dating. Or are Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo just amazingly talented and lovable Korean stars?

Video 1: Drunk scene from Descendants of the Sun. Song Hye-kyo is amazingly cute. Song Joong-ki’s reaction is too funny, especially right before Song Hye-Kyo jokingly asks, “Until when do i have to keep doing this?!!? Do you want to die?” (starting at :40 seconds) when he doesn’t react to all of her “funny” acting. (He’s too busy just rolling on the floor laughing because she’s so funny and cute!)

Video 2: Blooper real from filming Descendants of the Sun.  Time to rewatch the drama!!!!

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