Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’s Daily Fashion

Our lovely Park Bo-Young is back with incredible superhero powers in JTBC’s new series, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”! With her Hulk-like strength, Bo-Young is busy protecting the underdogs while romancing both Ji Soo and Park Hyung-Sik. To top it off, she is looking lovelier than ever in her stylish spring-forward fashion.

This whole month is about us, girls, as we celebrate Woman’s Month, so lets celebrate our strengths while we check out some fashion power items from Bo-Young’s “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon


Where Can I Buy That?

1. Shoes by Rachel Cox
“Murie” Loafer by Rachel Cox is available in Black at W Concept

2. Sweaters & Jackets by StyleNanda


3. Crossbody Bags with Paul’s Boutique


Let us know if you have any other search requests!

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