TONY MOLY Mango Hand Butter & Lip Patch Review

TONY MOLY is known for their cute packaging in Seoul, and their Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch and Mango Hand Butter are no exceptions.  I admit that I bought these products more for their packaging than anything else, but I’ve been loving the Mango Hand Butter ever since.


It’s super light, cute, and easy to carry in your purse. Yes, it looks like a banana, but it’s a mango. It smells delicious like a mango as well.


TONY MOLY is well known for its Banana Hand Milk, and this Mango edition is a continuation of their fruity hand butter line.  Tony Moly has decided to brand this line with a cute character named Bobo – he’s (or she’s) a monkey who likes to wear beanies…and sweaters…on a tropical island… while sleeping on a giant mango.  I think TONY MOLY’s story here is that this is exactly how “MAGICAL” the hand butter is supposed to be, right?

tonymoly adThe Mango Hand Butter smells so sweet and refreshing that when I rub it on my hands, I almost want to try putting it on top of my desserts! Everyone has been asking where I got this cute little mango “thing” that smells so great! It’s available online for just under $8.00. Check out:


Next on our TONY MOLY cuteness list, is the Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch, available online everywhere, including Amazon, for $11.01 .


This patch is either a “love it” or “hate it” kind of an item. My friends have told me that they can’t even tell what this patch really does for their lips. Well, the patch is supposed to help moisturize your lips and keep it supple.  I personally love this lip patch because it just feels super refreshing to put it on your lips! I normally like to store this in my refrigerator.


The tricky part is that it will NOT stick to your lips like a sheet mask sticks to your face. So you’ll have to sit and tilt your head back a little bit or lie down to make sure that the patch doesn’t fall off. I can see why this process could be annoying for some people.


But hey, if you want those smooth lips to put on those beautiful colors this season, it’s definitely worth it right? There’s nothing worse than trying to put on a new shade on chapped lips. (yuck)  Not even the famed Kang Mo Yeon Two Tone Lip Bar can save you from that.

I definitely love love love the Mango Hand Butter – it’s a must-try if you love carrying around a hand lotion like me.  The lip patch is certainly debatable.  We’ll see if Tony Moly will come out with an enhanced version of this cute little patch.

Util then,


[S$8.30][TONYMOLY][TONYMOLY] Magic Food Mango Hand Butter 45ml 30ml / Sun Block 45g


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