3 Questions “Fight My Way” Will Ask Every Millennial. And We Can’t Answer Yet.

Welcome to our Friday K-Binge section, where we introduce new and old K-dramas that are guaranteed to make your weekend AWESOME.  Starring Park Seo-Joon and Kim Ji-Won in a  best-friends-turned-lovers story about twenty-something professionals trying to figure out just what the heck they want to do with their lives, Fight My Way is a perfect romantic comedy for all Millenial K-drama fans.

Here are TOP three questions to ask yourself as you binge watch Fight My Way this weekend.

1. Can a guy and a gal really be “just friends” ?

Are you in a position where that brotherly love you had for someone is becoming not so brotherly? (His butt starts looking … perky… or you start feeling yourself get tense when he comes near.)  Well, this is the drama for you! It will help you figure out those brotherly or not so brotherly feelings. Who knows maybe it’s a phase, but watching Park Seo-Joon and Kim Ji-Won interact will surely help define some boundaries or destroy it all together.

 (Photo Credit: KBS2, Fight My Way)

2. Is it too late to pursue your childhood dreams?

I wanted to be the first female Supreme Court Justice when I was 6. I have no idea how I even knew what a Supreme Court Justice does when I was 6, and yes, I’m so glad I never went to law school, but hey, I’ve wondered about all the big “what ifs”. What if I had gone to law school? (No clue!) Park Seo-Joon is an exterminator who once dreamt of becoming a Taek Won Do champion. Kim Ji-Won is a department store clerk / greeter who once dreamed about becoming a successful TV host and broadcaster. What were your dreams? Would you drop the career you’ve built so far to pursue those dreams? What stopped you from becoming what you wanted to be? (um, reality, duh?)

3. How can I grow as an individual and a professional?

Fight My Way, at its core, is about young people trying to navigate their careers and personal connections by learning from mistakes.  Whether it involves a series of broken relationship or bad bosses who treated you poorly, your attitudes shape the type of person you become, and ultimately the types of friendships you form with others.  The drama beckons the question, “who are you now, and is this the best version of you?”  and “if you weren’t afraid, what would you be doing now?”

Happy K-Binging!

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