Top Three K-Beauty Trends of 2017

Good bye, 2017! Before we let this year go, let’s take a look back at the top three trends that rocked the K-beauty world in 2017.

Trend One: Contour Eyes for High Definition

The stars were all about contouring their eyes to give a sexier and more defined depth to their eyes with light to dark brown eyeshadow palettes. Contouring your eyes begin with a light base (one tone warmer than your natural skin color) and working up the gradient with 2-3 other shades of brown, which are all darker than your base.

Contouring Eyes

Our Recommended Product: Style Nanda’s 3 Concept Eyes (3CE)

There are many brown contouring eyeshadow palettes out there (including the famous NAKED series by Urban Decay), but the 3CE by Style Nanda had a good collection of warm tones that really worked on asian skintones (with yellow hues). Try using the top left color for base and work in a “L” shape to determine which other 2 colors to use. So for example, if you use the top left color, then your other two colors would be numbers 2 and 3 (see pic below).

Trend Two: MLBB (My Lips But Better) Lipstick Shade in Matte

K-drama stars ditched their lipgloss to create a more matte and rose-red (or closer to blush colored) lips for 2017, and it looks like this trend will continue well into 2018.

Our recommended product: YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain – 05 Rosewood Gang 

We like this product because it isn’t exaggerated red and leaves our lips looking naturally rosy. One caveat is that it has the tendency to dry out your lips – use a lot of lip balm (or vaseline) prior to putting this on to create the look you desire.

Trend Three: Color Contacts for a “Mixed” Race Look

Hon-Hyul (혼혈) in Korean basically means that you’re part Korean and other race(s). In the K-beauty world, this word is widely used to describe features that are not traditionally Korean, including different colored eyes (light brown, gray, green, and blue). 2017 saw an upgrade of this popular trend (and it blew up on social media!) as color contacts were engineered to look more natural.

Our recommended product: We don’t recommend it! 😉

As fun as these color contacts may look, they can do all sorts of damage to your eyes, if not worn properly/worn for long periods of time. Many places in Asia don’t require that you have a prescription before you order these contact lenses, but we would highly recommend that you limit these wearables for special occasions like parties, birthdays, etc.

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