Twice Tzuyu Fashion: Beanpole Trench Coat and RedCettu Bag

TWICE just recently made a comeback with their 2nd single album, Cheer Up, and Tzuyu’s Beanpole trench coat and RedCettu bag has been trending on Naver since! At just 18 years old, Tzuyu has already become a fashion icon within Kpop stardom.

tzuyu trench coat

Tzuyu, as well as other members of TWICE, are currently the main models for the handbag line, RedCettu. Most of the girls have recently been photographed at events and at airports while showing off these cute RedCettu bags.

redcettu twice
Coutesy of RedCettu

Here’s the bag that Tzuyu was holding – RedCettu Mini Kelly in Mint.

Courtesy of RedCettu

Another K-drama star who famed the Bean Pole trench coat look is Uee from the series “Marriage Contract” which just ended airing in Korea.

yui blush trench coat
MBC Drama “Marriage Contract”

Uee was seen wearing two different Beanpole trench coats on Marriage Contract – light blue and beige.

beanpole yui
MBC Drama “Marriage Contract”

Beanpole is known to carry a versatile women’s line that cater to business casual styles, including skirts, blouses, and outerwear that’s designed for working women. We absolutely love this beige colored Trench Coat!

beanpole ladies

This comfortable and feminine light blue trench coat completes any workday look for a breezy spring.

bean pole blue trench
Courtesy of SSF Shop
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