W Han Hyo-Joo Fashion: Webtoon Wears Prada

Wednesdays are for W! Han Hyo-Joo returns to K-drama as Yeon Joo, a cardiothoracic surgery resident, who is sucked into the webtoon world of “W”, where she meets the billionaire Kang Cheol, Lee Jeong-Suk. Following the lead of Song Hye-Kyo from Descendants of the Sun and Park Shin-Hye from Doctors, Han Hyo-Joo is yet another gorgeous and intelligent surgeon who is gracing the k-drama runway.

After entering the world of “W”, Yeon Joo’s casual surgery resident style (sweaters and scrubs like a true surgery resident in need of sleep) turns billionaire-esque luxurious, as Kang Cheol fronts the bill. Lets check out Yeon Joo’s transformation into a fashion diva!

han hyo joo gray knit bus stop scene

And yes, there is a Prada boutique in the world of W. And yes, Yeon Joo apparently gets to keep all of her clothes even after returning home from the webtoon world. (How is this fair?)

han hyo joo fashion prada dress

Black and white always works as a dress pattern, especially if you have a black belt to accentuate your waist. It gives your waist the ultra slimming effect that we crave after lunch.

han hyo joo fashion black and white dress

han hyo joo fashion miu miu embellished heel ankle

These Miu Miu embellished heels with ankle straps are available at Barney’s if you dare to rock these.

han hyo joo fashion blue one pieceSee how lovingly she looks at Kang Cheol here! The light teal dress makes her look even more vulnerable as she tells Kang Cheol that all she wants is for him to have his happy ending.

han hyo joo fashion stripe dressThis lovely, bohemian dress is available by Maje, and it’s now on sale for $210. (Grab it before it’s sold out again!)

han hyo joo fashion stripe dress full

Perhaps no one could have been lovelier than Han Hyo-Joo in this gorgeous black and white floral dress by Carolina Herrera.

han hyo joo fashion floral dress

Mirror,mirror, on the wall … who is the fairest of them all?

han hyo joo fashion black dress

Whoever is wearing this Carolina Herrera dress while sitting in front of a Sooryehan makeup collection (with every possible product from the line).

han hyo joo fashion black floral in bathroom

I’ll be back with more Han Hyo-Joo fashion for W, but until then, check out how I fangirled (on the right) with my friend D.L over Lee Jong-Suk on Viki’s Facebook Live!

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  1. Hello~ thanks for the post but the cosmetic products are not from Sulhwasoo but from Sooryehan which Hyo Joo endorses. 🙂

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